Afghanistan: Terrorists attack Save the Children office in Jalalabad

At least two people have been murdered in a car bomb and gunfire terror attack on an office of Save the Children in eastern Afghanistan.

A policeman and civilian were killed when a Muslim suicide bomber detonated a car bomb outside the headquarters of the NGO in the city of Jalalabad early Wednesday morning.

Afghanistan Terrorists attack Save the Children office in Jalalabad.jpg

At least 12 others were wounded and two terrorists have been eliminated since fighting began.

Some witnesses said there appeared to have been at least four terrorists in police uniform, a commonly used tactic, but there was no immediate official confirmation.

“We understand that two floors of the three-storey building have been cleared, but the basement and the top floor have not,” said Al Jazeera’s Jennifer Glasse, reporting from Kabul.

Afghanistan Terrorists attack Save the Children office in Jalalabad (2).jpg

“We are not exactly sure who is trapped inside, or how many people are there, but we do know it is an ongoing situation with Afghan special forces exchanging fire with what they believe are heavily armed attackers, not only with guns but with grenades as well.”

The terror attack underlines how difficult operating in Afghanistan has become for humanitarian aid organizations which have faced heavy pressure from armed groups and kidnappers.

The Taliban terror group said it was not involved in the attack. The terror attack may have been carried out by ISIS terrorists, sources said.




Wednesday’s attack comes just days after at least 18 civilians were murdered , and 22 others were wounded, during a terror attack on the Intercontinental hotel in Kabul.

The Taliban has since claimed responsibility for the terror attack on the hotel, which lasted for 16 hours from the evening of January 20 before all of the terrorists were eliminated.

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