Nasrallah slams US decision to keep troops in Syria, says Israel behind car bombing of Hamas terrorist

Lebanon’s Hezbollah terror group  leader Hassan Nasrallah on Friday said a US pledge to keep its troops in Syria to defeat ISIS was just a “flimsy excuse” to occupy the country.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Wednesday that US forces would remain in Syria to both fight ISIS and counter the influence of Bashar al-Assad.

Assad is a key ally of the Iranian-backed Hezbollah terror group, which has deployed its terrorists to keep the Damascus regime in power.

Nasrallah slams US claims of drug trafficking, says Israel behind car bombing of Hamas terrorist (2)

During a televised address from the underground bunker he has been hiding in since last war with Israel in 2006, the terror group’s chief Hassan Nasrallah fired back at the US.

“The Americans are the last people to have anything to do with rolling back Daesh,” he said.

The US, according to the Hezbollah leader, was “creating flimsy excuses to keep their forces and bases in the region. This is the real aim.”

In addition, Nasrallah accused Israel of responsibility for the explosion that wounded a top Hamas terrorist in Lebanon last week.

Hamas terrorist wounded in assassination attempt in Lebanon

“We expect Lebanese authorities to treat this incident as a serious violation of Lebanese sovereignty,” he said.

Hamas terrorist wounded in assassination attempt in Lebanon (2)

Hamas has been increasing it’s ties to Hezbollah in Lebanon recently as part of efforts to resume terrorism cooperation with Iran.

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman warned Friday that the Hamas terror group is attempting to establish a new presence in south Lebanon to continue to wage its war against Israel.

US Department of Justice creates special task force to probe Hezbollah's narcoterrorism network (2)

Last week, the US Justice Department announced it was also creating a special task force to investigate Hezbollah’s involvement in the international drug trade.

Current and former US officials have described a massive money-laundering operation involving drugs and used cars that they say has helped Hezbollah fund its terror operations.





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