'A fleeing dog on borrowed time' – Manhunt for Rabbi Shevah's murderer continues

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman warned Friday that the Hamas terror group is attempting to establish a new presence in south Lebanon to continue to wage its war against Israel, adding that the terrorist responsible for Rabbi Raziel Shevah’s murder is a ‘fleeing dog on borrowed time.’

'A fleeing dog on borrowed time' - Manhunt for Rabbi Shevah's murderer continues.jpg

“At the moment, it is trying to carry out terror attacks in Judea and Samaria and is also trying to develop new battlefields, first of all in south Lebanon,” Liberman said while visiting in Rambam Medical Center in Haifa two soldiers from the Border Police’s counter-terrorism unit Yamam, who were wounded during an operation in Jenin this week to capture the terrorists responsible for Shevah’s murder.

Hamas terrorist wounded in assassination attempt in Lebanon (4)

“What is concerning is their attempt to develop a terror infrastructure in south Lebanon and try from there to threaten the State of Israel.”

Regarding terrorist Ahmed Jarrar, who led a terror cell that murdered Shevah in a drive-by shooting and has so far managed to elude Israeli security forces, Liberman said that his days as a free man were numbered. “He should know he is currently living the life of a fleeing dog. He is living on borrowed time,” Liberman said.

'A fleeing dog on borrowed time' - Manhunt for Rabbi Shevah's murderer continues (2).jpg

“We will get to him. We know everything: who the terrorists are, who assisted them and who the other people are involved in the attack,” Liberman stated confidently.

1 of the Muslim terrorists who murdered Rabbi Raziel Shevach captured alive and the other eliminated in Jenin

“We will bring them all to account and they will pay the maximum price,” he vowed. “I am positive that we will also get to the terrorist who managed to escape and we will settle accounts.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised the Border Police and Yamam forces for the raid, saying, We will get to anyone who tries to hurt the citizens of Israel, the State of Israel wil


Israeli security forces are continuing the manhunt for the terrorist who murdered Shevah, after Palestinian Authority officials announced Friday that a body had not been found inside a building where the IDF originally believed it had killed the murderer in an overnight shootout in Jenin.



  1. Being hunted, is a precursor to punishment ; eliminating this murderer is the next stage & sooner the better.!


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