Shin Bet: Muslim terrorist freed in ‘Shalit deal’ planned terror attack

17 Muslim terrorists were arrested in Judea-Samaria for promoting terrorist attacks, led by Hamas terrorist Abdullah Arar, who had been involved in the kidnap-murder of Sasson Nuriel in 2005 and was released from Israeli prison in the Gilad Shalit deal.

Shin Bet said Arar instructed Alaa Salim, a Muslim terrorist from Jaba’ in Binyamin, to create a terrorist cell and purchase an M16 rifle in order to carry out a terror attack, and even transferred funds to him towards that end.

Shin Bet Muslim terrorist freed in 'Shalit deal' planned terror attack
The Muslim terrorist released in Shalit deal was involved in the kidnapping and murder of Sasson Nuriel in 2005

The investigation was carried out in coordination with military prosecution, which examined the investigation’s materials before deciding to indict the terrorists.

A Shin Bet official said, “The Hamas command in the Gaza Strip has been increasingly motivated of late to promote attacks via Hamas members in Judea and Samaria. Security forces will continue to take determined action to foil Hamas’s efforts to carry out attacks in Israel and wish to make it clear that Hamas in Gaza will be held responsible for any attack carried out at its behest.”


  1. Will be good to see if any Palestinian who has not killed, is jailed, and is released only after another Arab country is taking her/him – and any killer is justified to be killed – and that in prisoner exchange, one Arab for one Israeli is the formula we go back to (Not of value to our enemy to kidnap, and we keep improving our people from being kidnapped.)


  2. Prisoner exchange, has to be one of the most difficult decisions, confronting Israel.
    Hindsight is one thing ; learning from mistakes is quite another…


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