Son of Mumbai 2008 terror victims will travel to India with PM Netanyahu

Nine years after his parents were murdered by Muslim terrorists in their Mumbai Chabad House, Moshe Holtzberg (11) will return to India accompanied by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Moshe’s grandfather Rabbi Shimon Rosenberg.


In the 2008 attack, six people, including Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and his wife Rivka—who ran the Mumbai Chabad Jewish outreach center—were killed when four terrorists entered the premises and murdered any Jews they found inside. Their infant son, Moshe, escaped in the arms of his nanny, Sandra Samuel, who is currently living in Israel and remains in contact with Moshe.

Son of Mumbai 2008 terror victims will travel to India with PM Netanyahu  (2).jpg

During a historic visit to Israel last July, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a heartfelt meeting with Moshe who said that he missed India and wished to go back. The Indian Premier replied by saying that the country was always open to him and Netanyahu then promised to bring Moshe along during a future visit.

On January 14th Netanyahu will make a state visit to India. Moshe’s grandfather Shimon Rosenberg confirmed that they have received the invitation and that Moshe is very excited to return to his parents Chabad House.




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