4th woman gang raped by Muslims in Malmö – Swedish Police: ‘no direct links’

Yet another woman has been sexualy assaulted in the Swedish migrant bastion of Malmo in another case of  gang rape, the fourth in just two months.

The attacks come as activists started nightly street patrols to reassure the community. Police said they do not yet see any apparent link between the gang rapes amid the ongoing investigations.

The victim, who is said to be over 18, was attacked by several unidentified Muslim migrants in Malmo’s Hogaholm district Friday overnight. She eventually managed to get home by herself and alerted police. An investigation into a gang rape is underway as police believe several people were involved.

The woman suffered only minor physical injuries but was deeply traumatized by the experience, police said. No one has been detained so far, as police continue examining forensic evidence and questioning the woman.

4th woman gang raped by Muslims in Malmö - Swedish Police ‘no direct links’  (3).jpg

The latest attack comes as Malmo grapples with a spate of similar incidents in which three women were raped by several Muslim assailants in different districts of the city, notorious for its thriving gang culture and crime.

Earlier in December, a 17-year-old teenage girl was gang raped in a children’s playground in Hasselgatan. The other two cases occurred in November and saw women being sexually assaulted by a number of Muslims as well.

And while police said they recovered traces of DNA from some of the crime scenes, no charges have been brought in either so far.

The spike in violence against women even forced police to warn against venturing alone after dark. Faced with backlash, they later retracted the warning calling it “unfortunate.”

Meanwhile, Malmo police believe it’s unlikely the series of crimes are somehow connected.


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  1. I don’t believe the Police can’t connect the Muslim pattern ; it appears they simply do not want to connect the dots – it’s as though,, they don’t want “too many Muslims found guilty”.
    Isn’t that taking anti-discrimination too far..? When it compromises legal findings..!


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