Hamas fires rockets at Israel during birthday ceremony for fallen soldier held by the terror group

A rocket launched from the Gaza Strip at Israel’s communities on the Gaza perimeter hit a structure in the Sha’ar HaNegev Regional Council, while the Iron Dome system intercepted two other rockets.

The launches were preceded by a Code Red alarm, audible in several towns around Gaza at 11:49am.

The interception was preceded by multiple Code Red alarms in communities on Gaza’s perimeter, specifically the Sha’ar HaNegev and Sdot Negev Regional Councils.

No one was hurt, but at least one building in Nahal Oz was damaged.

Adding insult to injury, the code red alert interrupted a ceremony marking the would-be 24th birthday of soldier Oron Shaul, killed in operation Protective Edge, whose body is still being held by Hamas in Gaza as negotiation card to release more Muslim terrorists from Israeli prisons.

Some of the ceremony’s attendees laid down on the ground as soon as the alarms were sounded and explosions heard. Others, including Oron’s mother Zehava Shaul, were filmed running for the nearest shelter.

Hamas fires rockets at Israel during birthday ceremony for fallen soldier held by Hamas (2)

Before the attack, the soldier’s mother said at the ceremony, “We’re here to mark his birthday. We’ve decided to come here so we can be as close to Oron as possible. Our message is one of peace, brotherhood and camaraderie. We’re not here to lash out at anyone. We just want Oron returned home.”

Hamas fires rockets at Israel during birthday ceremony for fallen soldier held by Hamas (3).jpg

While the ceremony was held, families of Gaza Strip terrorists incarcerated in Israel held a protest rally opposite the border fence in which they called for their terrorist sons to be released, carrying signs in Hebrew saying, “Your captive sons should be freed, but so should ours.”

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said the incident while still being investigated, and that scans of the region are underway to locate the precise location of the hit as well as possible rocket fragments.

Gaza sources reported tank fire was heard across the Gaza border immediately after the alarms.





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