Afghan Muslim terrorist mowed down 19 people in Melbourne due to ‘Mistreatment of Muslims’

32-year-old Muslim terrorist Saeed Noori who used his vehicle as a weapon to mow down a crowd of pedestrians on the street in Melbourne, injuring 19 people, including a toddler, was charged with 18 counts of attempted murder Saturday.

Noori was arrested at the scene thanks to the presence of an off duty police officer who happened to be in the area. Noori is an Afghan who become Australian citizen in 2004 thanks to a refugee resettlement program.

Noori’s motivation for carrying out the terror attack was how Muslims are supposedly being treated in Australia.

Acting Chief Commissioner of Victoria State Police, Shane Patton, said the man was known to have a history of mental illness. He was on a treatment plan but had missed an appointment on Thursday.

When interviewed by police, he “spoke about dreams, he spoke about voices”, the chief inspector said, “but he also did attribute some of his actions to the poor treatment of Muslims”.

Terror in Melbourne 19 injured after 2 Muslim terrorists ram a SUV into rush hour crowds (3)

“I don’t know the exact detail, to do with Allah and some ramblings about ASIO (the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation), ‘ Patton added.

Asked if there were links to terrorism, he said: “That’s certainly one area we’re exploring in respect to motivation.”

Terror in Melbourne 19 injured after 2 Muslim terrorists ram a SUV into rush hour crowds

According to reports, nine foreign nationals were injured in the terror attack. These include tourists from South Korea, China, Italy, India, Venezuela, Ireland, and New Zealand. A four-year-old boy was also injured in the attack.

Four people have been released from hospital, however; 14 remain with three in a critical condition, including an 84-year-old man.

Terror in Melbourne 19 injured after 2 Muslim terrorists ram a SUV into rush hour crowds (7)

The four-year-old boy, who was taken to the Royal Children’s Hospital due to a head injury, is now in a stable condition.

The Muslim terrorist in the red checkered shirt, who was arrested after he was seen filming the terror attack and while in possession of three knives, had been released.

Terror in Melbourne 19 injured after 2 Muslim terrorists mow down pedestrians at Christmas rush hour

The Australian government apparently has decided to change the definition of “mentally ill” and authorities are still not willing to call it terrorism.






  1. Melbourne is laying out the Welcome mat to any wanna-be terrorists ; the Police prefer “mentally ill” for such extreme violence – only mad people do such things.??
    It’s adding insult to injury to imply Muslims are not to blame ; besides, all Islamic extremists are mad anyway… When the Police maintain such a charade ; society then suffers a terrible disservice.


  2. Update; Noori has now been additionally charged with Murder – one of those in hospital died and Police have to review this in a different context. I believe the Police, also need to bring in a speech pathologist; most officers are still struggling with this word “terrorism”.
    There were many foreign nationals involved ; because it’s the height of the tourist season
    and “if” this word “terrorism” is promoted as news…… there would be no tourist season.


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