Muslim Bedouin terrorists who murdered IDF soldier in Arad planned to kidnap him

A Muslim Bedouin terrorist resident of the Negev who admitted to carrying out a terror attack in Arad in November in which IDF soldier Sgt. Ron Yitzhak Kokia was murdered, revealed that he originally intended to kidnap him, it was cleared for publication on Friday after a gag order was lifted from the investigation’s detail.

Two Muslim terrorists, both Israeli Bedouin from the Negev, were arrested for the murder of Kukia the next day, Khaled and Zuhay Abu Jouda.

During the interrogation one of the terrorists linked himself to the murder and even led the Shabak interrogators to the place where the soldier’s weapon was hidden.

The investigation revealed that Khaled identified with terror groups and that he harbored terrorists views. Zawi Jodah will be indicted for assisting his half brother in the terror attack.

Bedouin Muslim terrorists who murdered IDF soldier in Arad planned to kidnap him (2).jpg

Khaled originally planned to kidnap a soldier by using anesthesia to which he had access in Soroka University Medical Center in Beer Sheva. He planned to use him as a bargaining chip to secure the release of Muslim terrorists in Israeli security prisons.

“This was a student from a college in Ashkelon who does not work in the hospital. He came for work experience for his studies and stayed in the hospital for two weeks,” a spokesperson from Soroka Medical Center said.



Revising his plan, Khaled intended to kill the kidnapped soldier and use his rifle to carry out more attacks.

He purchased a vehicle in which he intended to escape after the terror attack and hid a stash of money he intended to use for living while on the run.


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