UK: Christmas terror plot foiled – 4 Muslim terrorists arrested in raids on homes and offices

Police have raided five properties and arrested four Muslim terrorists for plotting a ‘Christmas terror attack’.

Specialist counter terrorism police officers arrested three Muslim terrorists, aged 22, 36 and 41, at addresses in Sheffield for the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism.

A 31-year-old Muslim terrorist was arrested at an address in Chesterfield for same offenses.

All four were arrested by anti-terror police working with MI5 in the ‘Islamist related’ investigation, with people evacuated from their homes and schools placed on lock down.

Terrified residents described hearing explosions during the dramatic early morning raids and seeing bomb disposal officers removing ‘packages’ – which come amid chilling warnings from ISIS threatening to attack festive events in the UK.

Pictures published by the cult’s supporters show London’s busy Regent Street featuring a hooded man about the execute Santa.


Meanwhile, a jihadi wielding a machine gun was pictured on Oxford Street featuring calls for terrorists to attack in britain.


Other propaganda pieces have promised “Festive blood” while another shows Big Ben ablaze.

Earlier this month, the Met and MI5 revealed they had managed to foil plots to kill Theresa May, bomb Downing Street, and murder Prince George, 4.


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