Female Muslim terrorist filmed provoking IDF soldiers arrested overnight

IDF and Border Police forces overnight Monday arrested Ahed Tamimi, one of the two female Muslim terrorists filmed provoking and beating Israeli soldiers during riots in the terror nest of Nabi Salih.

The area is a regular hotspot where Muslims, radical leftists and anarchists, engage the IDF and Border Police in riots every Friday.

Tamimi was taken in for questioning by police, rather than Shin Bet, for her actions.

The video, taken during a weekly riot held in the Arab village this past Friday, showed soldiers displaying restraint in the face of slaps, pushes and kicks by the terrorists, who attempted to entrap them to respond.

The IDF said that more than 200 Muslim terrorists threw rocks at soldiers during the riots, adding, “Several Palestinians entered a nearby home and continued throwing rocks at soldiers from inside the home with its occupants’ consent. Forces removed the rioters from the home and remained standing in the entrance in order to prevent further entry. Later, several Palestinian women came out to face the soldiers in order to incite provocation.”

Female Muslim terrorist filmed provoking IDF soldiers arrested (2).jpg

An initial inquiry held by the commander of the Rotem Battalion showed the company commander himself was present near the house to prevent additional rioters from entering it.

“The force’s commander, who has operational jurisdiction, conducted himself professionally by not responding in kind, but the terrorists could have been arrested at the time of the attack, considering they were physically violent and were disrupting the soldiers from carrying out their tasks,” the inquiry said.

The infamous Tamimi clan of Muslim Arab terrorists, from the terrorists village of Nabi Saleh in Samaria .jpg
The infamous Tamimi clan of Muslim terrorists from the terror nest of Nabi Saleh in Samaria

Friday’s attack was not the first time Tamimi was documented provoking soldiers. The Tamimi clan of terrorists are featured in dozens of videos and pictures. She was filmed years ago biting a soldier who came in to arrest her terrorist brother during a weekly Nabi Salih riot. In another instance, she was shown screaming at a member of Israel’s security forces during a riot in an attempt to push him to lose his cool.



  1. It’s human nature to give Females extra consideration “but” Female Terrorists see that as a weakness to take advantage of……….


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