4 Muslim terrorists eliminated, scores wounded in violent riots in Judea-Samaria, Gaza border

Four Muslim terrorists were shot and eliminated while about 150 more were wounded on Friday after mosque, as another “Day of Rage” riots –this time over US’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, entered their second week.

Most of the casualties were on the Gaza security border fence, where thousands of Muslim terrorists gathered to throw rocks and firebombs at Israeli soldiers, burning tires and damaging the security fence, as they do every Friday after mosque as they’ve always done, also before Trump’s decision on Jerusalem.

One of the terrorists eliminated  is a paraplegic, who lost his legs in previous riots against Israel. Arabs say he was shot in the head.

4 Muslim terrorists eliminated, scores wounded in violent riots in Judea-Samaria and along the Gaza border (37).jpg

The second casualty in the Gaza, a 32-year-old Muslim terrorist, was shot in the same riots.

Another terrorist from the Arab town of ‘Anata was shot, later dying of his wounds, while five more were wounded by gunfire during riots near Jerusalem.

Another Muslim terrorist was shot and eliminated after he stabbed and moderately wounded an Israel Border Policeman. The terrorist, who was wearing what looked like a suicide vest, is suspected of acting under the guise of a journalist.

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