Muslim terrorist who vandalized Jewish restaurant in Amsterdam: Syrian ‘refugee’ Jihadist

The Muslim terrorist who vandalized a Jewish restaurant in Amsterdam last Thursday, is 29-year-old Saleh Ali, “refugee” born in Damascus, Syria, and has been living in the Netherlands “for some time”.

He revealed that he received training in the use of weapons in Syria as well as experience in “fighting”. When asked by the police whether he was willing to use violence again he said YES.


One and half day after the terror attack, he was released according to the recommendation of the police, because he was merely indicted for vandalism, not terrorism.

According to the police investigation, the Muslim terrorist has taken part in terror activities and claims to have fought against ISIS under the banner of “multiple factions“.


The investigation also relates that the terrorist has fought “in theatres of war other than Syria“, but the source could not further specify the location. Lastly, the source reveals that the police report contradicts itself by first ascribing to the terrorist the Syrian nationality, while later on labelling him “stateless“.

In addition, the law firm representing the Jewish restaurant, reports in a press release after having reviewed the police report, that:

“The by now released Syrian born suspect declared during his police hearing that in the future he’s willing to apply more violence to reach his goals. He also declared he would not mind dying for his cause and in his statement glorifies martyrdom.

amsterdam-muslim-terrorist-shouting-allahu-akbar-balestine-smashed-windows-of-a-jewish-restaurant-4.jpgThe available information conveys that the man intentionally withheld incriminating information during the procedure for attaining Dutch residential status.

He further declares to have been a member of a Palestinian popular movement to liberate Palestine and that this organisation supplied him with weapons and training. He also indicates to have taken part in the armed conflict in Syria.”


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