Rocket launched from Gaza, explodes in open field – IDF returns fire

A rocket launched at Israel from Gaza Monday evening detonated in open land within the Eshkol Regional Council on the Gaza perimeter. No physical or material damage was caused.

The IDF confirmed it retaliated to the rocket launch using armored and air forces targeting Hamas terror posts near the border fence in southern Gaza.

It was cleared for publication Sunday the IDF discovered, exposed and demolished a Hamas terror tunnel reaching hundreds of meters into Israeli territory.

The IDF discovered, exposed and demolished cross-border Hamas terror tunnel

In response, Hamas terror group threatened that Israel will pay a price for “breaking the rules of the game” after the IDF demolished their terror tunnel. “The coming days will prove the enormity of the enemy’s mistake and miscalculation as to the resistance’s willpower,” they said.


The IDF revealing the tunnel’s existence came on the heels of  three rockets being launched from Gaza Friday evening, one of which was intercepted and two exploding within Sderot’s city limits. Two people were treated for anxiety and nearby cars were damaged.



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