Hezbollah terror group leader: ‘Trump speech is 2nd Balfour declaration’

Hezbollah terror group leader Hassan Nasrallah responded to President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and transfer the US Embassy there and said that it was “the second Balfour declaration”.

“I expect people in the Arab and Islamic worlds to say in the coming days that what happened is insignificant,” Nasrallah said from the underground bunker he has been hiding in since last war with Israel in 2006.

Thousands of Muslim terrorists riot to protest US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital

“The Israeli enemy does not even respect the agreement it has signed, with successive Israeli governments attempting to Judaize Jerusalem for decades and expropriate it in all possible aspects,” the chief terrorist added.

We support the call for a new Palestinian intifada (terror attacks and riots targeting Israeli civilians and security forces –ed.) and escalating the resistance (violent riots –ed.) which is the biggest, most important and gravest response to the American decision,” he said.


  1. It’s interesting that Hezbollah ; choses to link the Balfour declaration with the Trump decision. We know Balfour is a fait accompli for Israel also as Embassy in Jerusalem.
    A two state solution and a shared capital – would never work,, “it’s Not an ideal World”.
    Too much blood has been spilt & too much disrespect ; makes a union – incompatible.!


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