Hezbollah, Iran enters Quneitra; IDF stages surprise northern drill

Arab media reported that 400 Hezbollah terrorists and Iranian reinforcements arrived near Quneitra over the past few days, only a few kilometers from the Israeli border in the Golan.

Hezbollah, Iran enters Quneitra near the Israeli border (2).jpg

In light of rising tensions on Israel’s northern border, the IDFs Galilee division began a surprise military drill Tuesday in preparation for a sudden outbreak of war with Lebanon following two airstrikes against Syria which Arab media attributed to the Israel Air Force.

Hezbollah, Iran enters Quneitra; IDF stages surprise northern drill  (2).jpg

As part of the impromptu drill, hundreds of logistics corps soldiers were mobilized without advance notice to extract emergency reserve equipment from storage centers near the northern Israeli city of Karmiel Sunday.

Hezbollah, Iran enters Quneitra; IDF stages surprise northern drill  (3).jpg

Around 60 military vehicles, among them armored personnel carriers (APC), tanks and transport trucks, to the front.

The scenario also required that the forces contend with the use of weapons that were discovered to be defective, including tanks and artillery pieces, demanding that the soldiers repair and transport them some 20-30km to the mock battlefield.





  1. Iran needs to establish an Oil Pipe Line to the seaports in the Middle East in locations in Syria, a tradition exit point. In it efforts in support of the present Iraqi government in the clearing of ISIS / ISIL it has focused in such operations along a route from which the Iraqi part of the Pipe Line is to be establish. The initial areas adjacent to Iraq has started. However, the Assad regime with cooperation of Russian established bases along the route to take has frustrated the Pipe Line planners.
    While this is going, Assad has in increments is helping to establish Pro Iranian forces from Lebanon between his main forces and Israeli Military forces in the Golan. Thus at both ends, Assad has now created limitations on his ally.
    This has indicated that he wants Iran and the Israelis to take each other on in an of which means the destruction of Pro – Iranian forces, At the same time with Russian backing his military forces his military will stay out of the resulting battles..
    What comes later is based upon the loses in the Israeli has experienced, and how Turkey will position itself at the same time during the class of Iran and Israel.


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