Cleared for publication: 2 Muslim Bedouin terrorists arrested over murder of IDF soldier in Arad

On Friday night, two Bedouin terrorists residents of the Negev, were arrested over for the murder of IDF soldier Ron Kukia a day earlier in Arad, the Shin Bet announced.

Security forces arrested two Muslim Bedouins for involvement in a terror attack carried out last Thursday in which Sgt. Ron Yitzhak Kokia was fatally stabbed in Arad, it was cleared for publication Monday.

During the investigation, one of the terrorists implicated himself in the attack and informed his interrogators where the gun was that was stolen from Kukia in the murder.

Ron Yitzhak Kukia—a 19-year-old soldier from Tel Aviv who served in the Nahal infantry brigade—was stabbed to death by Muslim terrorists while waiting for a bus outside a mall.

Ron tried to call for help after having been fatally stabbed, collapsing on top of a car.


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