Australia: Muslim terrorist arrested over New Year’s Eve terror plot

A 20-year-old Muslim terrorist from Werribee was arrested in a counter-terrorism operation in Melbourne yesterday.

‘Operation San Jose’ resulted in the arrest of the Muslim terrorist, who was involved in undertaking preparations for planning a terrorist act in Melbourne on New Year’s Eve this year.

Warrants were also executed at two residential properties in Werribee and Meadow Heights, as well as a commercial property in Footscray.

Investigations are ongoing, but police said they “do not anticipate further arrests.”

Police said the terror attack was thwarted and there is “no ongoing risk” from the terrorist.



  1. Unfortunately, “there will be ongoing risk” in both Melbourne and Sydney. It’s a breeding ground for Muslim Terrorists due to the Sharia pushed by Imam’s & parental disaffection with Australia. There are some people, that will never assimilate ; they remain a threat.!
    Australia is accepting of a diverse racial background; “religion deserved more scrutiny” because Islam is incompatible with democracy and lifestyle of most countries.


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