Police shoot Muslim shouting ‘allahu akbar’ at Spain border with France

Police have shot a ‘Frenchman of north African origin’ who sparked a terror alert near Spain’s border with France by shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ at a checkpoint.

Officers opened fire on the Muslim after he began to shout in Arabic when the vehicle he was travelling in was intercepted at a motorway toll near La Jonquera on the Spanish side of the border.

Police shoot Muslim shouting 'allahu akbar' at Spain border with France (4).jpg

He was hit in the leg and rushed to a nearby hospital.

Local reports said officers ordered him out of the car he was in after searching the woman driver – and became suspicious after seeing he had a ‘suspicious object’ by his waist.

Civil Guard officers called for reinforcements from regional Mossos d’Esquadra police after he reportedly began shouting in Arabic, yelling the words ‘allahu akbar’, before getting back into the vehicle.

Sources close to the inquiry said they were not probing it as a terror incident and believed the unidentified man may have been acting under the influence of drugs.


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  1. ‘Allahu Akbar’ yelled in non-Islamic Countries is associated with a catch cry to a jihad “holy war”,,, the only surprise ; he was only shot once..?


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