Wife stabbed to death, dumped in a cellar for 2 days then torched in woodland –for defying Muslim husband

A mother-of-four was brutally murdered by her Muslim husband after she continued to see a friend he forbade her from visiting, a court has heard.

Sinead Wooding, 26, was found dead in woodland in Leeds earlier this year. Her husband, Akshar Ali, is on trial for her murder.

A court heard this week how Sinead had converted to Muslim before meeting Ali, who she married in an Islamic ceremony in February 2015.

But the couple had a ‘volatile’ relationship and Ali ordered her not to visit family members and a female friend, Leeds Crown Court heard.

Ali, 27, and his Muslim friend Yasmin Ahmed are accused of killing Sinead Wooding in a knife and hammer attack before her body was burnt in a woodland.

Ali’s mother and brother helped make arrangements to dispose of Sinead’s body, a jury was told.



  1. This is the reward for accepting a despicable and disgusting ideological humanly dangerous faith with your eyes opened.I know that the Morons Politically correct Democrats will still cover this vicious and babaric acts as a singular action that doesn’t relate to Islam.But we know that that’s a big lie! In Islam a woman is as worthless as that of a slave or an ordinary beast!. Until the Western Nations wake up and send this savages back to hell where they comes from, sorry more humiliating and painful death is awaiting the citizens of the so called civilized nation that have abadon the faith and God of their forefathers!in the name of political correctness!


  2. He simply “owned his wife” to dispose of her in such a manner ; proves he neither loved or respected her. This Murder, would have been a shocking surprise ; had they not been Muslims…


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