Satellite shots show Iran expanding into Syria

BBC published satellite footage allegedly showing continued construction work on permanent structures in Lebanon, built for the Iran army between January and October.

The site, which includes over 20 buildings presumably to be used for soldiers’ housing and storing military vehicles, is located 50km from the Golan Heights.

While it has not been definitively determined that Iran’s military is the one behind the buildings’ construction, one source told the network that high-ranking Iranian army officials have visited the site in the past few weeks.

Satellite shots show Iran expanding into SyriaSatellite shots show Iran expanding into Syria (2)

According to the BBC, over the past few months several new buildings have been constructed there, while others have been renovated. It is unclear whether it is being currently manned.

Israel has repeatedly warned against Iran’s growing influence in Syria, noting that its end goal seems to be establishing a continuous land route that would stretch as close as possible to the Israeli border.

Over the past four years, dozens of attacks in Syria have been linked to Israel. In most case, it is believed that Israel’s intent was to prevent Lebanon-based terrorist group Hezbollah from attaining dangerous new weapons.

Hezbollah is allied both with Syrian despot Bashar al-Assad and Iran.



  1. It is likely, that the Satellite footage will change in the very near future. There will be some unplanned, demolition works of these buildings,, by military Aircraft… mark my word.!


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