COGAT warns Islamic Jihad terror group: Israel is aware of their terror plot

Statement from head of COGAT –Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories– Major General Yoav (Poly) Mordechai on Hamas and the threats of Gazan Islamic Jihad against Israel.

In new video in Arabic, COGAT Major General Poly Mordechai warns the Islamic Jihad terror group that Israel is aware of their “plot.”

He further called on the Islamic Jihad leadership in Damascus to take control or suffer consequences.

This statement is notable, as Israel is suggesting that if the Islamic Jihad stages a new terror attack (like the one thwarted in the recent tunnel detonation) Israel will target the Damascus leadership in response — a message to Iran as well.

Khaled al-Batash.jpg

Khaled al-Batash, a senior leader terrorist of the Islamic Jihad in Gaza, has said that his terror group will have no other choice to “punish” Israel for killing its terrorists recently during the explosion of a Gaza terror tunnel deep into Israel’s sovereign territory

Islamic Jihad terror group in Gaza like ISIS, released last week a new propaganda video, threatening Israel for blowing up their terror tunnel earlier this week.

At the end of the video, the words “Time is running out” appear on the screen in both Hebrew and Arabic.

Earlier today, the Popular Front, one of the smaller terror groups in Gaza, released a video threatening Israeli forces working along the security border fence with Gaza.