Arab reports of Israeli strike on Iranian weapons warehouse near Syria-Lebanon border

BREAKING: Reports of huge explosion on an Iranian/Hezbollah weapons warehouse in the Syrian side of the Lebanese – Syrian border.

It is reported that Syrian troops attempted to shoot down the alleged Israeli jets which took part in the operation.

The Lebanese Anshara website reported huge explosions near the villages of al-Eyn al-Jedida, located in the eastern mountain range on the Lebanon-Syria border.


Local residents reported Israeli jets circling the area prior to the explosion.

The Al-Mayadeen channel, closely associated with the Assad regime, reported the attack targeted a security facility in an industrial zone in a Damascus suburb.

Al Mayadeen further reported that the attack was aimed at “a factory of copper vessels” in the industrial area near Homs. It also noted that the Syrian army responded by firing a surface-to-air missile from the base of the Syrian army’s 72nd Brigade.

Last month, the IDF attacked three Syrian artillery cannons in response to earlier rocket fire at the Golan Heights, with the IDF Spokesperson’s Office stating that five rockets had been identified in the northern Golan Heights, and that four hits had been identified within Israeli territory.




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