IDF detonates terror tunnel that led into ISRAEL; at least 11 Muslim terrorists killed

BREAKING: Residents of Gaza reported hearing a series of explosions in the strip’s center, near the Kissufim outpost.

The explosions were also audible in the towns around Gaza.

explosions gaza

A controlled explosion was carried out a short while ago in Israel near the border fence along the Gaza Strip border, the IDF said.

UPDATE:  IDF confirms explosion of terror tunnel in Israel territory opposite Khan Yunis.

The tunnel extended into Israeli-controlled territory.

The explosion was very close to the fence near the Israeli community of Kissufim.


IDF Spokesperson Brigadier General Ronen Manlis says that this is Israeli sovereign territory and that the security establishment will not allow such violations in Israeli territory, no matter who it belongs to, and therefore the explosion was carried out.

The explosion was very close to the fence near the community of Kissufim. The IDF said that following the incident forces were increased and that they were prepared for a variety of scenarios.


🎉 UPDATE: 11 Muslim terrorists killed and others wounded when the IDF destroyed a network of terror tunnels found near Khan Yunis in southern Gaza.

5 Islamic Jihad terrorists killed (4)

Sources said that the terrorists killed and the wounded in the explosion were all members of the Islamic Jihad terror group.

An Islamic Jihad commander and his deputy are among the 11 terrorists killed in the explosion.

IDF: The extremist Hamas terror organization is responsible for all hostile activity from the Gaza Strip.

22853363_1669659503056913_7244046920910142508_n (1).jpg

Hamas claims its terrorists were killed and injured as they attempted to rescue Islamic Jihad terrorists from the initial explosion.

This claim can be interpreted as an attempt by Hamas to isolate the detonated terror tunnel as a project of the Islamic Jihad, due to its precarious situation.


Islamic Jihad terrorists cannot build a cross border tunnel without the approval and resources of Hamas terrorists


Anticipating possible rocket attacks, the IDF positioned Iron Dome batteries nearby.







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