Finally – 8,500 terrorist TELEGRAM channels blocked

Telegram encrypted messaging app has blocked more than 8,500 channels in October due to terrorist links and incitement of violence, Pavel Durov, the company’s CEO, said.

“The promotion of violence in any form is banned” by Telegram, Durov said on his channel on Sunday. “Only in October, we blocked more than 8,500 channels associated with terrorism,” he added, saying that the line, which shouldn’t be crossed, was “clear.”

“One can criticize the local authorities, challenge the status quo and arrange a political debate. At the same time, one can’t encourage violence and call for actions that will harm innocent people. Here is the main criterion for moderation of our public channels,” he explained.

telegram jihad

The encrypted app allows around 20 million Iranians to bypass the Islamic Republic’s ban on social media.

It also has a feature which lets users set their messages to “self-destruct” after they were read by the addressee. Telegram was previously blamed for being used by the terrorists and other criminals for communication purposes.

Indonesia blocked the web versions of Telegram in July, saying that “many channels in the service are propaganda of radicalism, terrorism, hatred, invitation or how to assemble bombs.”

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) said that the app was used by the terrorists behind the St. Petersburg Metro suicide attack which killed in 15 people in April.





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