Muslima who dreamt of beheading journalist Katie Hopkins convicted over UK terror plot

A Muslima jihadist who dreamt about beheading journalist Katie Hopkins has been convicted of terrorism offenses.

Madihah Taheer, 21, from Birmingham, was found guilty at Woolwich Crown Court of preparing to commit terrorist acts.

Her husband Ummar Mirza and his sister Zainub Mirza had already pleaded guilty to similar offenses.


The trial heard how Taheer and her partner Mirza had boasted to each other about their jihadist views and discussed how they would celebrate their marriage by carrying out a terror attack.

They purchased a rubber dummy, often used in martial arts, and a rubber training knife which they used to rehearse for a terror attack at their home in Alum Rock, Birmingham.

Taheer then bought a £120 hunting knife online along with a device to allow it to be concealed under clothing.

In an earlier Whatsapp chat they had discussed who they would like to behead. Mirza identified the leader of the far right group Britain First. He wrote: “I want Paul Golding’s head.”

Taheer replied: “I fantasise about Katie Hopkins head. She’s the biggest kuthi [bitch] of them all.”



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  1. A lax open door policy plus strict anti-discrimination laws, have led Britain to becoming a multicultural disaster. The general public, have been effectively gagged,” whilst an enemy within, grew from the Muslim community “.
    Most of the Muslim Terror is ” home grown “,, some Politicians are responsible & should face charges of treason.


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