IDF announces intent to demolish Reuven Shmerling terrorist’s home

BREAKING: The IDF has told the family of one of the Muslim terrorists who murdered Reuven Shmerling in Kafr Qasim of its intent to demolish their home.

IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said the family may appeal the structure’s demolition or vacate it in the next few days.


Last month, two Muslim terrorists from Qabatiya, south of Jenin, were nabbed a day after 70-year-old Reuven Shmerling was found with signs of severe violence, beaten and stabbed to death at his warehouse in the industrial zone of the Arab town of Kfar Qassem.

Shin Bet confirmed that all evidence gathered pointed that the murder was part of a planned terror attack and placed a gag order on all details.



  1. Acts of Terrorism, should have a broader consequence, to those that “support” & commit it.
    Therefore, the breeding ground for terror, should also be dealt with……….


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