Germany probes Kuwait Airlines for rejecting Arab-Israeli web star passenger

German authorities have launched an investigation into an incident in which Kuwait Airways refused to allow an Israeli passenger from boarding one of its flights, a decision that would place the airline in violation of aviation laws.

The investigation was launched at the behest of Germany’s Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt a month after a short clip that went viral was uploaded to the internet.

It is being conducted as separate from legal proceedings currently underway in Frankfurt after an Israeli citizen filed a complaint that his boarding pass from Germany to Thailand with the airline was canceled by the company due to his nationality.

Earlier this month, the aforementioned video was published on Facebook by an Arab-Israeli web star named Nuseir Yassin in which he raged over the discrimination he was subjected to by the airline as a result of his Israeli passport.

Planning to fly from New York to India on a Kuwait Airways plane, he was prevented from boarding at JFK Airport.

In 2015 Kuwait Airlines, the leading airline in the Gulf states, ceased operations between New York and London due to demands by the US Transport Department to end its boycott against Israeli passengers.

Kuwait holds no diplomatic relations with Israel and according to an academic study published this year, it is one of five airlines in the Middle East that forbids Israelis from flying on its planes.


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  1. Kuwait Airlines is a reflection of its unscrupulous government. It is a pretentious democracy at best,,, at its worst ; it presents brazen discrimination & double standards… why should the Airline be any different.?


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