Ukraine MP injured in assassination attempt

A far-right Ukrainian MP has been severely wounded in an assassination attempt that left his security guard dead and two other men injured.

Radical Party MP Igor Mosiychuk, 45, suffered shrapnel injuries and was pictured blooded in his hospital bed after the blast in the capital Kiev.

Ukraine’s Interior Ministry said four people were injured and one of them died on the way to hospital.

The explosion occurred as Mosiychuk TV station Espreso following an appearance on a newscast.

Witnesses said two men arrived on a motorcycle and it soon exploded next to a car, sending debris flying.

Interior Ministry adviser Zoryan Shkiryak said: “Altogether four people were wounded in the explosion.

“Unfortunately, one could not be saved. He died on the way to the hospital from the wounds he received.

“This man is around 30 years old and his identity is being confirmed.”

Mosiychuk’s political party confirmed that his security guard was killed. A political analyst was severely wounded.

Mosiychuk was said to have undergone surgery after suffering injuries to his stomach.



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