Hezbollah blames Israel for ‘propaganda attack’ during Nasrallah’s speech

Lebanese news agency Al-Akhbar, which is affiliated with the terror group Hezbollah, reported Friday morning at length what they referred to as the “Israeli penetration of Lebanese communications” during the speech of Hassan Nasrallah on Thursday.

The news agency claimed that citizens received “tens of thousands of calls and messages” to their phone numbers, some of which “appear to come from phones belonging to Hezbollah’s media relations,” at a time when the head of Hezbollah was giving a eulogy to terrorist Mustafa Badreddine, Hezbollah’s former head of the military wing, marking the occasion of the first anniversary of his assassination. Hezbollah claims he was killed by “criminal gangs.”

The news agency wrote that the calls and messages all carried either a voice or video message that “spread the lie that was launched by Al-Arabiya TV in early March, claiming that Nasrallah ordered the assassination of Badreddine.”

The Lebanese news website Al-Nashra reported that civilians in Lebanon had received a phone call from an unidentified number during Nasrallah’s speech, saying: “Our martyr killer is now delivering a speech to you.”

The news website claimed that the number in question allegedly belonged to Hezbollah’s information department. The Lebanese news website Al-Mulhak posted WhatsApp messages received by Lebanese: “Nasrallah the murderer continues to lie.”

It was claimed in Al-Akhbar’s article that an “unprecedented campaign was launched in Saudi and Hebrew media outlets repeating the same lie before Israeli officials (including the chief of staff of the Israeli occupation army, Gadi Eisenkot) publicly adopted the statements broadcast by Al-Arabiya.”

The article continued to claim that Al-Arabiya’s statements were “supported by propaganda material in which no Israeli fingerprints were hidden,” adding that “Facebook and Twitter also celebrated the hundreds of pages that ‘broke’ on a daily basis over the past two months (pages being promoted as paid ads) to work on marketing this ‘Arab’ lie.


“The events of the past weeks, which culminated yesterday in a complex technical breach of Lebanese communications, reveal the existence of a high potential source for such organized propaganda. It is difficult, technically, to reveal the source of this campaign. The Israeli enemy is known for its ability to conduct such campaigns.”

The article compared this incident to an older one, saying that it is very reminiscent of “the media security campaigns that Israel carried out against the resistance and the Lebanese during the July 2006 war, when the Lebanese received calls and text messages from foreign numbers to incite the resistance.”

Thousands of Lebanese have also received calls from foreign numbers (US, Canadian, Sri Lankan and Thai), all carrying a voice message, as well as video messages via WhatsApp and Viber.

Al-Akhbar pointed to Israel as the immediate suspect, noting that Hezbollah contacted the Lebanon’s Ministry of Communications and Ogero (the main telecommunications service provider in Lebanon), opened an investigation find out what had happened, how the breach took place and who was responsible for it.