Syrian Army refutes reports of IAF strike near Quneitra

Explosions were heard at a base housing the 90th brigade of the Syrian Army in southern Quneitra Saturday evening.

Initially, the explosions were attributed to an Israeli attack and local media reported seeing Israel Air Force (IAF) planes circling the area.

However, Syrian military sources subsequently denied the reports on the Al-Mayadeen network, which is affiliated with Hezbollah.

Reports of new IAF strikes come on the heels of an attack allegedly carried out by Israel last week on an Iranian arms depot near the Damascus International Airport.

Regular supplies of weapons from Tehran are sent by commercial and military cargo planes through the arms supply hub, which is operated by Hezbollah, Reuters cited a regional intelligence source as saying.

The source said the arms depot gets a major part of the weapons supplied to an array of Iranian backed militias, led by Hezbollah, which have thousands of fighters engaged in some of the toughest fronts against Syrian rebels.

Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz said such a strike would be in line with Israeli policy, but stopped short of taking responsibility for it.

Katz wouldn’t comment directly on the strike Thursday morning but said “it absolutely matches our declared policy, a policy that we also implement.”