Terror in Paris: Police officer shot dead, 2 others wounded by Kalashnikov-wielding ISIS terrorist

A policeman was shot dead while two others were seriously injured by a Kalashnikov-wielding Muslim terrorist on the Champs Elysees in central Paris tonight – just three days before the French presidential election.

French police said that the attack was probably a ‘terrorist act’ and the world famous avenue was on lockdown by 9pm.

Dramatic video footage captured the moment police shot dead the ISIS terrorist who was known to security services and had been flagged as an ‘extremist’.

Police have launched a desperate manhunt for a second ISIS terrorist after heavily armed officers flooded the area in the heart of the French capital.

Officer are searching the home of the terrorist in east Paris and the Muslim terrorist had previously mentioned on social media that he ‘wanted to kill police’.

The terror attack unfolded as presidential candidates, including National Front party leader Marine Le Pen, debated on a TV show nearby before Sunday’s election.


The Interior Ministry spokesman said the officers were deliberately targeted and the police union added that the policeman was killed while sat in a car at a red light.

In the video, posted on Twitter, several figures can be seen moving around next to a police van on the Champs Elysees.

One of the figures then appeared to fall to the ground and a silver car – believed to have been used by the suspects – can be seen parked next to the van.

Police have now issued an arrest warrant for a second Muslim terrorist – a man understood to have arrived in France by train from Belgium.