Sweden: Muslim terrorist rams stolen truck into crowds – At least 5 murdered

Up to five people are believed to have been murdered in a terrorist attack when a Muslim terrorist driving a stolen truck rammed into shoppers in Stockholm today.

Police said the vehicle crashed into a group of people on the street outside a shopping center after racing down six streets.

Three gunmen were reported to have jumped out of the truck and opened fire.

Hundreds of shoppers were seen fleeing for their lives after the articulated truck rammed into the corner of the building. Dozens were believed to have been injured.

Shots were heard and the Muslim driver, who was said by witnesses to be wearing a balaclava, is thought to have been arrested. There were also reports of shots at a second incident.

The truck is understood to have been stolen or hijacked from a Spendrups brewery. Extinguisher was seen being sprayed on to the vehicle.

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven said everything pointed to the incident being a terror attack and confirmed one person has been arrested.

Armed police were scrambled to the scene and were seen marching into the store.

A Swedish radio reporter said she had seen at least five dead bodies, Aftonbladet reported.

Swedish police confirmed three have been killed and eight injured.

Police spokeswoman Towe Hagg said: ‘A vehicle has injured people on Drottningatan.’

Witnesses described seeing a ‘lone man’ put a balaclava over his face before he drove the truck into crowds of people.

Just moments after the terror attack, armed police wearing gas masks quickly rushed to the scene and shut off the busy road in the centre of the capital.

Details to follow