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Soldier murdered in car-ramming terror attack in Samaria

Twenty-year-old Sgt. Elchai Teharlev of the Golani Brigade’s 13th Battalion was murdered by an Arab terrorist in a vehicular attack carried out on Thursday morning in Samaria.

The combat soldier was from the Jewish community of Talmon. He had been standing behind the bus stop nearby Ofra when 21-year-old  Muslim terrorist Malak Hamed struck him and another man with his car. The other man, a 19 year old, was lightly wounded.


Teharlev was a corporal at the time of his death. As is standard in the IDF, he was posthumously promoted one rank immediately after his death. His funeral was scheduled for 6:30pm on Thursday in Israel’s national cemetery on Mount Herzl.

His father, Rabbi Ohad Teharlev, is the head of MIdreshet Lindenbaum, a Jewish educational institution in Jerusalem. He is one of the leading rabbis who encourage religious women to enlist in the IDF. His mother, Avital Teharlev, is a psychologist.

Teharlev is also survived by six siblings. He studied in yeshiva one year behind Gil-Ad Shaer, one of the three teenage boys who was kidnapped and murdered in 2014.





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