Australian baby executed by ISIS terrorists in revenge after his father tried to flee

A baby has been executed by ISIS terrorists after its Australian jihadi father tried to flee the war zone.

The Australian infant, whose gender has not been confirmed, is believed to have been killed in revenge after the child’s father contacted authorities in an attempt to escape the conflict in Syria and Iraq.

Authorities would not confirm the baby’s age or how the child was killed.

Attorney-General George Brandis said the Government condemned ‘any parent who takes their family to the conflict zone’.

‘The government has consistently said going to the conflict zone puts yourself and others in danger,’ he said.


There are more than 100 Australian terrorists fighting overseas for terrorist groups.

The Turnbull Government has previously voiced concerns the Australian citizens would try and return home as the ISIS loses its stronghold.

In an attempt to stop terrorists from fleeing, ISIS is believed to control their money and takes their passports.

Security laws to prevent Australian jihads from returning home were introduced by Immigration Minister Peter Dutton in 2015 but several flaws are being reviewed.

The laws were created to strip terrorists with dual-nationality of their Australian citizenship.