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Hamas seeks new map software: ‘Google is not accurate enough for rockets’

The arrest of Muhammad Murtaja, coordinator of the Gaza branch of the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency, revealed the extent of cooperation and assistance to Hamas terrorists.

Among other things, it turned out that in the past two years, Hamas asked the Turkish IHH organization for advanced mapping programs to improve rocket attacks on the Israeli home front, and especially on strategic sites.

Hamas, according to the investigation, used Google maps to fire more than 4,000 rockets to hit Israeli targets, but in most cases, the rockets were either intercepted or missed their targets altogether.


Murtaja said that he was supposed to fly to Turkey to receive a disk-on-key intended for Hamas, which consisted of improved and elaborately detailed maps of various sites in Israel, which were based on Turkish technological data acquired following Turkey’s involvement in the satellite launch project.

Murtaja said in his interrogation that he witnessed the transfer of suitcases laden with cash from the IHH organization in Turkey (which was responsible for the Gaza flotilla) to senior Hamas officials, including senior terrorists Raed Salah, Ismail Radwan and Ismail Haniyeh.

This case is unusual compared to previous similar affairs, since this time, a Hamas operative was groomed in the military wing, trained with the regiments of the Shati neighborhood and operated alongside the battalion commanders. As an engineer, he became an expert on TNT and the manufacturing of advanced explosives and explosive devices.


In 2012, he was appointed head of the Turkish government’s humanitarian aid organization in Gaza (TIKA).

The indictment filed last Thursday against Murtaja lists multiple offenses, among them misusing of resources and funds intended for humanitarian projects in the Gaza Strip by diverting them to Hamas’s military wing.

Moreover, the terrorist took part in the digging of a tunnel after Operation Protective Edge that would potentially be used by Hamas terrorists to attack IDF forces or civilians.


2 thoughts on “Hamas seeks new map software: ‘Google is not accurate enough for rockets’ Leave a comment

  1. We can be thankful that despots of the Muslim world, such as Hamas, don’t have the cutting edge “competencies” to make their Weapons accurate & more of a threat…
    A good analogy was the Space race to the Moon. Despite all the resources of the Soviet Union, they just could “not build a reliable N1 rocket”.! Comparatively, the American F1 Rocket ( Saturn 5 ) went routinely back and forth to the Moon reliably & accurately…
    Today, neither Hamas nor even Iran is at the level of the USSR (back in the last Century).
    Rocket Science is a discipline beyond Hamas ; it will always be unreliable & unexpected.
    An evolutionary step too far ; thank God.!


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