Shin Bet chief: 400 arrests prevented hundreds of terror attacks

Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) Director Nadav Argaman, speaking before the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Security Committee warned on Monday morning that despite the current relative calm, Hamas and other terrorists entities may attempt to carry out attacks ahead of the upcoming Passover holiday.

“The relative calm that we are experiencing at this time is quite deceiving, it’s misleading and deluding because Hamas and global jihadi infrastructure are working every day in attempt to conduct terror attacks in Israeli territory,” he stated at a meeting of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee.

“We’re approaching the Passover holiday. There is no question that the terror networks, particularly Hamas, will try to escalate the situation and carry out terror attacks. Our goal is to keep the holidays quiet.”

“We are engaged day and night in thwarting attacks,” he said. “We have stopped more than 400 potential hazards before they materialized into terrorist attacks.”

Noting that 16 civilians and one foreign national were killed last year as the result of terror attacks, the Shin Bet chief also spoke of the technological and operational developments the Israeli security apparatus has made in light of the continued threat of terrorism.

“We are currently experiencing significant changes in the geo-strategic arena that will be relevant for many years to come as a power struggle, the ramification of which are the result of the impact by the nuclear deal with Iran on terrorism in the Middle East,” he asserted.