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Muslim terrorist known to French authorities is shot and eliminated at Orly airport near Tel Aviv check-in

French security officials have identified as a known Muslim terrorist the man who Saturday grabbed a gun from an Orly airport security guard near the check-in desk for Tel Aviv.

‘A convicted criminal with links to radical Islam’ has been shot dead at Paris Orly airport after trying to wrestle a soldier’s gun from her and fleeing into a McDonald’s.

Less than two hours earlier he had shot a female police officer in the head in a northern Paris suburb after a routine stop-and-search operation.

The terrorist’s father and brother have been taken into custody, judicial sources have confirmed.

Officials have confirmed that the shooting in Stains, where a gunman opened fire on three police officers, was carried out by the Muslim terrorist who was later killed.

After the police shooting, the 39-year-old terrorist fled in a Renault Clio, which was later found abandoned 11 miles away on the other side of Paris.

He hijacked a woman’s car at gunpoint, and this second car was later found parked at the airport.

This finding supports the French police in their assumption that the terrorist was not acting alone but part of a terrorist conspiracy.

The terrorist had previously been jailed for drug trafficking and was radicalized in prison, according to reports in Paris.

He has not been formally identified, but was a ‘homeless French national’ on the run from the authorities, according to police sources.

Orly airport is meanwhile under terror alert. Air flights are indefinitely suspended and the terminal evacuated as police comb through the large area for explosives.

Passengers landing at Orly were kept on planes while the anti-terror operation is carried out.

France’s anti-terrorism prosecutor has opened an investigation into the shootings.



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