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5 Muslim London teen-terrorists charged with terror offences

Five London Muslim teenagers – one aged just 15 – have been charged in relation to terror offences after police stormed homes across the capital.

The five males, ages 15 to 19, were arrested on Tuesday  on suspicion of planning to flee Britain to fight for ISIS terrorists in Syria and Iraq.

The Met’s counter terror detectives are investigating plans by the teen-terrorists, four of whom are schoolchildren, to travel to join the jihadist terror group after communicating with each other online.

The terrorists – most of whom cannot be named – were all charged with offences relating to preparing terror acts or distributing or collecting terrorist publications.

The 16-year-old Muslim from Lambeth is a charged with preparation of terrorist acts.

The 17-year-old, Muslim from Merton, is also accused of preparing terrorist acts as well as collecting terror-related information.

A 17-year-old Muslim from Hounslow is accused of preparing for a terror act and distributing terrorist publications.

The 15-year-old Muslim, from Waltham Forest, was charged with collection and distributing terrorist publications.

And Ahmedeltigani Alsyed, 19, Muslim from Hounslow, was charged with preparation of terrorist acts and collection of information.

All five have been remanded in custody to appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Saturday, 25 February.


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  1. Age should not define a Terrorist ; if they pull a trigger or set bombs ; people are just as dead. A home grown enemy , is also a Traitor; regardless of age & the full weight of the law, should apply. Perhaps their Muslim parents should be an accessory to their crime ; terrorists are not simply born,, they are created..


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