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ISIS terrorist caught plotting Tel Aviv bus attack

The Shin Bet along with the police announced on Monday the recent arrest of an Israeli-Arab citizen planning a terror attack in Israel as well as contacting the ISIS terror group in Syria.

According to the Shin Bet, 35-year-old Enes Haj Yahia, a resident of Taybeh was arrested following intelligence that he was promoting terror activities inside Israel. The Muslim terrorist was also accused of being in contact with ISIS terrorists and distributing material and military knowledge about the preparation of explosives.

Yahia is reported to have sworn allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the self-proclaimed “Caliph” or leader of the jihadist group, and is said to have considered joining the group in Syria.

A statement released by the security agency stated that Yahia planned instead to set up a terror cell to carry out attacks in Israel, and even tried to recruit others. The terrorist was asked by the group to carry out a terror attack on a bus in Tel Aviv and harm IDF soldiers, but the plan was never carried out.

Investigators discovered that Yahiya was an active member of ISIS Facebook groups, and “shared” information on how to create suicide belts, bombs, and integrating poisonous materials into the explosives. He also disseminated materials on how to produce chemicals such as sarin gas.

Found in Yahiya’s possession were pictures of military materials, bombs, and the ISIS’ “The Jihadist Militant’s Complete Guide.”

An indictment against Yahiya has been filed with the Central District Court.

The Shin Bet sees support for ISIS as a “serious security threat to Israel and therefore uses every means at its disposal to prevent threats and bring those involved in this activity to justice,” the agency’s statement read.

Israel has so far largely avoided an attack by ISIS, although several Israelis-Arabs have been arrested on suspicion of links with ISIS and plans to carry out attacks inspired by the Sunni terror group.

Two Arabs who shot dead four Israelis at Tel Aviv’s Sarona Market last June and the Israeli-Arab who killed three people in a  2016 New Year’s Day shooting spree in Tel Aviv, had all been inspired by ISIS.




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