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ISIS video calls on jihadis to kill Australian Islamic clerics

ISIS terrorists have called for the death of three Australian religious scholars in their latest propaganda video.

The video has urged ISIS followers to kill the clerics because they interact with other faiths and don’t promote violence in a 25 minute propaganda video called ‘Fight the leaders of disbelief’, according to Fairfax.

In a disturbing escalation from the previous videos, ISIS terrorists were called to kill Youth leader Sheikh Shady Alsuleiman, NSW Police Force chaplain Sheikh Ahmed Abdo and the Grand Mufti of Australia Ibrahim Abu Mohamed – whose images appear in the video.


The three Australians, among a list of several Muslim clerics around the world shown in the video, were targeted because they are ‘collaborators, informers and apostates’.

Without directly naming the Australians in the video, it calls for the ‘traitors’ to be killed.

‘Those traitors are sitting in airconditioned rooms attacking the mujahideen and supporting the polytheists,’ the video says according to Fairfax.

Put an end to their evilness and kill them.’


The Grand Mufti of Australia Dr Abu Mohamed was pictured in the video shaking hands with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and an Anglican minister.

Sheikh Abdo was pictured in the video with Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione.


The ISIS video showed Sheikh Shady Alsuleiman delivering a sermon. Shiekh Alsuleiman talked about how Islamic extremism would not gain you entry into heaven.

‘What Islam are you talking about?’ he said in the sermon when asking how killing cops and non-believers is upholding Islam.

The distressing video was removed from Youtube.



3 thoughts on “ISIS video calls on jihadis to kill Australian Islamic clerics Leave a comment

  1. What a revelation : when a few good Muslims are discovered by Islamic extremists, they cannot allow such qualities & want them eliminated… Muslims mixing with us Infidels is so unacceptable to ISIS Extremists ; consequently, ISIS is unacceptable to any moral society.
    We do need to protect all of whom are running with us; we need to see the bigger picture.


  2. Of course reform clerics for a peaceful Islam should be supported by all means by peace lovers. Subject of concern is the main stream political conservative Islam, which apologizes Jihad, do not take position against discrimination of non-Muslims in Muslim majority countries and if asked to provide a pledge of loyalty towards the constitution of Western Countries are sore about distrust and cry about discrimination.


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