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France puts the Eiffel Tower behind an 8ft-high glass wall to protect the monument from terrorists

France is going to put the Eiffel Tower behind an 8ft-high glass wall to protect it from terrorists following an attack at the Louvre.

The security measure is part of a multi-million euro plan to prevent jihadist attacks in the French capital, which have claimed 238 lives around France in the past two years.

It will cost around €19million and comes after a machete-wielding Muslim terrorist stormed the Louvre last week in the latest terror attack on French soil.

‘The terror threat remains high in Paris and the most vulnerable sites, led by the Eiffel Tower, must be the object of special security measures,’ said deputy mayor Jean-Francois Martins.

‘We have three aims: improve the look, make access easier and strengthen the protection of visitors and staff.’

‘The wall will prevent individuals or vehicles storming the site visited by six million people each year.’

Paris’ wall will replace the metal fences erected around the iconic monument during the Euro football championships in 2016

Toughened glass panels will be constructed around the base of the Eiffel Tower and checks will be carried out for anyone wishing to pass through.


France has been the victim of a string of ISIS-inspired terror attacks in the past two years, most notably the November 2015 atrocities which claimed the lives of 130 people.


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  1. From every Airport to many of the Tourist destinations – Islamic extremists have spoilt the
    free movement for everyone ; this has denigrated all Muslims, in the eyes of the World..!
    A minority of Muslims have destroyed their own credibility around the World and it is just a question of time, whereby; most democratic societies, will Not accept Muslim immigrants,,,
    the USA has taken the 1st steps & there are Countries in the EU., that are a step behind.


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