Bennett warns next round of Gaza fighting close

A day after rocket fire prompted IDF air and tank strikes, Minister of Education Naftali Bennett said that “the next round of war is close.”

Bennett was speaking at the Sdot Negev Regional Council when he made the comments, adding, “It is a question of time, not a question of if. Instead of building life, they invest in means of death.”


Bennett referred to the tensions in the south in a ceremony marking the 12th anniversary of the death of Ayala Haya Abukassis, who was killed by a Qassam rocket while protecting her brother Tamir in Sderot.

According to Bennett, “In Gaza, they are continuing to threaten us and hurt us. Against an enemy that sends children to defend terrorists, we send soldiers to defend children. The dangers these days are growing in Gaza and Lebanon, and the next round of fighting is a question of ‘when,’ not ‘if.'”

According to Bennett, “This time we need to ensure a clear victory and not a tie; we won’t be the only country in the world where a child can’t walk in the street from fear a missile will fall on him. Our enemy invests all his time and energy in trying to kill us, to hurt us. Instead of building life, they invest in means of death. Only by absolute determination will we stop this.”

Tamir Idan, Head of the Sdot Negev Regional Council, asked Bennett to “continue the legacy of Ayala, which is a victory for all of us. An entire country can’t be busy reinforcing itself all the time. This morning, after another rocket fell in the area, the press was debating if the responses of yesterday were disproportionate. Have they learned nothing? Have they not learned that a single rocket can kill innocent citizens?”