ISIS terrorists could set-up a base in Europe if they are outed from the Middle East

ISIS terrorists could set-up a base in Europe should they be outed from the Middle East after joint counterterrorism efforts by the United States and Russia, experts claim.

The Balkans nation of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been earmarked as an ‘ideal refuge of last resort’ for the Sunni terror faction, said political activist Djevad Galijasevic.

Galijasevic said the country, which is bordered by holiday hot-spot Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia, could be fertile ground for the jihadists to spread their ideology.

‘Islamist infrastructure has been around in Bosnia for the last three decades.

‘There are no obstacles preventing it from developing. Propaganda of (radical ideas) and financial assistance (to terrorists) have continued unabated. One can buy any weapon in Bosnia. Some terrorists have their own banks,’ he told Sputnik.

The former president of the Forum for the Study of International Terrorism also agrees that the Muslim majority country of 3.5 million people would be the preferred destination for ISIS should they be forced from their strongholds in Syria and Iraq.

Milan Pasanski highlighted the European periphery, primarily Kosovo, the Serbian region of Sandžak as a place they could settle in the coming years due to counterterrorism operations in the European Union.

Last week, Austrian anti-terrorist units arrested imam Nedžad Balkan, a jihadi thought to be as the most radical Bosnian terrorist who was also active in Germany and Switzerland.

Pasanski said his arrest in the EU country shows that ISIS terrorists would reside in Balkan nations.

‘By detaining Nedžad Balkan Austrian authorities have indicated that if a second wave of refugees comes, they will not turn the blind eye on the fact that terrorists could be among them,’ he said.

‘It’s common knowledge that Vienna has become a place where Islamic fundamentalists, with some coming from Bosnia, gather.’