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Netanyahu calls for international collaboration to beef up cyber security

Two weeks before his upcoming meeting with President Donald Trump, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for strengthened multinational collaborations in the cyber security sector.

“By working together we can more effectively defend against the force of terror, this cyber terror,” Netanyahu told participants at Cybertech Tel Aviv conference on Tuesday. “It’s important to have cooperation between some governments, especially like-minded governments.”

As countries around the world continue to face increased security threats to their cyber infrastructure, it behooves governments like those in Israel and the United States to share their capabilities to battle such dangers, according to the prime minister.
Heading into his meeting with Trump on February 15, Netanyahu said that one subject he was determined to raise was the issue of cyber security, an area on which the two nations have long been collaborating.

“We need to expand this and recognize that there is a core interest of the civilized countries and the democratic countries to protect themselves against cyber attacks,” Netanyahu said. “The more we work together, the stronger and safer we will become.”

The prime minister was speaking at Cybertech Tel Aviv 2017, a three-day conference and exhibition with more than 10,000 participants from around the globe. Co-hosted by Israel Defense and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Cybertech is the second largest exhibition of cyber technologies worldwide, with seminars focusing on commercial problem solving strategies and forums like a hacker zone and startup competition.

Emphasizing Israel’s leadership role in the cyber security world, Netanyahu described how Israel is uniquely positioned to maintain that position due to its size, as well as the government’s dedication to the sector.

“Our small geographical size need not limit our cyber security capabilities,” he said. “In fact, I think it’s the opposite. Because we are small we have that power.”


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