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Police arrest hundreds of masked Trump haters as rioters smash stores and cars

Hundreds of thousands of people flocked to Washington D.C. for Donald Trump’s inauguration but not everyone in attendance was there to celebrate.

Rioters used the day to protest and running battles broke out on the streets of Washington D.C. as President Trump was sworn in on Friday.

More than 95 people have been arrested in regards to the riots and police in riot gear used tear gas to break up a group of anti-Trump, while some demonstrators smashed store and car windows in Washington and ran amok.


Police blasted them with tear gas and stun grenades and several women claimed they had been maced as they struggled with tears seeping from their eyes.

Riot police chased the group, some openly promoting anarchy, down 10th and E streets, about a mile from the Mall.

More than 500 people, many wearing masks and handkerchiefs over their faces, marched through the center of DC.


They attacked cars and shop windows, smashing glass panes at a Bank of America branch, a McDonald’s outlet and a Starbucks shop.

Protesters chanted anti-racist chants aimed at the new President.

Police managed to funnel the rioters away, but security was stepped up for this afternoon’s Presidential parade.






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4 thoughts on “Police arrest hundreds of masked Trump haters as rioters smash stores and cars Leave a comment

  1. I hope each and everyone of you fukken pieces of shit pay for all this damage, or your goofy parents do! Ya should be ashamed of yourselves, and you call yourself grownups… GROW THE FUCK UP!


  2. They have the same look and create the same chaos as the extremist leftist Antifa in Germany Probably they are the fruit of the non-authoritarian anti education of progressive liberal parents, thus just a waste of human ware.


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