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UK: Parents of Muslim convert ‘Jihadi Jack’ go on trial for funding terror

The parents of a Muslim convert known as ‘Jihadi Jack’ will go on trial later accused of funding terrorism by sending him money.

Jack Letts, 20, is believed to be the first white Briton to have joined ISIS in Syria, leaving his Oxford home to sign up for the terror group in 2014.

He reportedly goes by the name Abu Mohammed and married an Iraqi woman with whom he has a son, Muhammed.

His parents, John Letts, 55, and Sally Lane, 54, are accused of sending hundreds of pounds to their son between September 2015 and January last year and will appear at the Old Bailey on Thursday.


The pair, of Oxford, have pleaded not guilty to three counts of making money available knowing or having reasonable cause to suspect that it may be used for a terrorist purpose.

Lane is also charged with two further counts of attempting to provide money knowing it may be used to fund terrorism.

Jack enjoyed a comfortable upbringing at the hands of Canadian master-thatcher father, John, an organic farmer and archaeobotanist and experts in ancient grains.

Letts has used his academic background to develop hardy varieties of organic wheat and was awarded £25,000 from the Prince’s Countryside Fund for his work.

Jack’s mother, Sally, is a books editor who has worked for Oxfam.

Friends of the couple gathered outside London’s Old Bailey this morning to support them as they arrived at court.




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