Team USA gymnasts sue Muslim doctor in federal court on claims of molestation

A disgraced doctor from Team USA gymnastics is now being sued by a further 16 patients in a federal court after they claimed he molested them.

Larry Nassar, 53, is already facing federal child pornography charges as well as accusations he sexually abused teenage girls.

He also faces at least four lawsuits alleging he assaulted female athletes including an Olympic medalist, while they were undergoing treatment.

And today, it was reported that lawyers are set to announce a new case against Nassar, which is being brought by a further 16 of his patients.

It is believed the case will be formerly announced by lawyers at a press conference in Michigan later.

Nassar has been under scrutiny since September when two gymnasts, including a member of the 2000 US women’s Olympic team, said they were sexually abused by him when they were teens. He denies the allegations.

Last month, another court case was filed in Los Angeles by former Michigan State University softball player Tiffany Thomas Lopez, who has waived her right to anonymity.

Ms Lopez, now 37, said she began refusing treatment, stopped playing softball and eventually left Michigan State and returned home to California after being abused by him.

Last month, FBI Special Agent Rod Charles also testified about the evidence that was found in a garbage can at Nassar’s home in Holt, near Lansing.

Mr Charles said FBI agents found the child pornography videos on hard drives after asking for trash collection to be delayed.

The New York Post reported that the videos included footage of Nassar sexually assaulting girls under the age of 12 in a pool.

It was reported that Nassar had also used a GoPro to film the attacks, suggesting they took place in the last 10 years.

Nassar’s lawyer had asked for him to be bailed to his home and said he could be monitored electronically by means of a tag.

But Assistant US Attorney Sean Lewis, arguing against bail, said Nassar faced allegations spanning decades and involved children as young as six.

Federal Magistrate Ray Kent refused bail, saying Nassar was the ‘worst’ kind of danger.

Nassar’s case was highlighted by the Indianapolis Star newspaper which claimed at least 368 young gymnasts were sexually assaulted by coaches or other adults involved in the sport.