Haifa shooting victim laid to rest: ‘He was murdered for being Jewish’

Hundreds came to pay their final respect on Thursday to Guy Kafri, who was murdered on Tuesday in what was likely a terror attack, as he was laid to rest at the Moshav Ofer cemetery in the Haifa area.

“All evidence point to the fact Guy was murdered because he was Jewish,” said Guy’s brother-in-law, Shahar Dror, adding that the family was receiving updates on the investigation.

Police are still searching for the Arab terrorist who shot Guy to death and wounded another man, Yehiel Illuz from Migdal HaEmek.

“We’re all shocked and in pain. We’re having a hard time internalizing that you have been murdered,” Dror said at the funeral. “The pain is enormous and it’s hard to comprehend that you will not return to us.”

As Guy’s mother Berta eulogized her son, his father Yigal and sister Keren wept alongside his friends.

The 48-year-old Kafri was shot on HaGiborim Street in Haifa. He worked as a driver, transporting disabled children.

“Guy was one of the most charming and kind hearted people I know, who always loved to help everyone. No one had a bad word to say about him. He was a driver for disabled children and did so out of a sense of mission. He loved the children—and they him,” brother-in-law Dror said. “It’s clear to us he had no conflict with anyone and that this shooting was a mistake.”


A manhunt continued on Thursday through the Halisa Arab neighborhood, where the police’s main suspect was reportedly seen.

Border Police and Police officer raided an abandoned house in the neighborhood following a tip received by the Shin Bet.

Residents of the neighborhood and other Haifa residents called on security forces to release the suspect’s name and photo, after a gag order barred it.

“If they know there’s such a dangerous suspect who is involved in murder—be it nationalistic or criminal in nature—why haven’t they released his photo and name? Perhaps there are people who saw him by chance and could tip (police) off to his location? We don’t want a situation in which he carries out another serious act that could end with disaster.”