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Female teen-terrorist indicted for attempting to stab IDF soldier

The Military Attorney General’s Office submitted an indictment Monday night to the military court in Samaria against a 17-year-old female terrorist for attempting to stab an IDF soldier two weeks ago in Qalqilya.

According to the police, last month the terrorist, from Beit Amin in Qalqilya, approached the soldier at the entrance to the base brandishing a knife with intent to stab him.

Reacting swiftly, the soldier implemented the rules of engagement, which involve several warnings to a potentially threatening individual to stop where they are, before ultimately managing to subdue her.


The terrorist was taken in for questioning shortly after the attempted terror attack where she confessed to having planned to carry out a stabbing attack for a long time against a soldier and expressed regret that her attempt was not successful.

During the investigation, the teen-terrorist also presented drawings by her illustrating her strong desire and motivation to attack a member of Israel’s security forces.





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